Nt1310 Unit 2 Business Plan

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Key Resources The key resources that our company will need in order to operate all include products that help make the customized soda concept work. We will need to have a constant supply of co2 water on hand at all times to complete orders. The co2 water will be produced in store so a steady supply of water and c02 will be needed. This will save on cost from having to purchase premade c02 from a third party company. Along with the c02 water another key resource that is needed in the company’s operation is syrup ingredients. We plan on creating these syrup flavors from all natural home grown ingredients found locally. The idea behind this is that we will produce fresh all natural syrups that the customer can openly pick from to customize their soda. Packing materials will also be a key resource that will need to be focused on. Multiple sized boxes and bottle holders will be needed for every order from six packs of soda to large quantities. We want to ensure that our customers stay satisfied with the product so it’s key that the product gets delivered to the destination by using strong and dependable packing materials. Key Activities Since we are internet based company daily website maintenance is one of the key activity that we will focus on. The actions taken to maintain the website will include web…show more content…
They will handle the pick up and delivery of our product and ensure that the product will be delivered without any issues. By partnering with UPS we will have access to their small business software that tracks where each order is being distributed to. This software will help with the marketing strategies discussed in the key activities above. UPS will also send our company and the customers shipping updates throughout the shipping process. This will allow us to keep customers satisfied with their purchase and be aware of package delivery

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