Nt1310 Unit 2 Lab 5.1 Ignet

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5.1.1. Standard Process
First part
Coming from the field the data was downloaded from the two GPS bases into the GPS controllers. Connect the GPS controllers to the computer and open the Trimble Business Center to import data from GPS receivers.
Second Part
Set the coordinate system in the software as to match the coordinate system which was used on the field. Set the accuracy of control points to 5 cm horizontal and 10 cm vertical which is the National standard accuracy required for control survey. Since the terrain was uneven increase the mask angle from 〖10〗^0 to 〖15〗^0 so that the reflected satellite signal from trees and other structures is received at the minimal amount. The mask angle increase is done to improve the satellite data quality. Since the data was recorded using 1 second
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View the derivation of baselines first and check the number of loops which have passed but if one loop fails then the network adjustment will fail the statistical test of 95% confidence. The adjusted coordinates cannot be treated as final coordinates but can be used as a check of provisional coordinates. Open the report view to view the final coordinates list.
5.1.2. CORS Network
This is the process where the researcher had check the reliability of the Trigonometrical stations which have been used as reference stations. The process in this stage Trignet will provide the ephemeris data during the DGPS observations. The data was downloaded using 1 second interval for 13 and 14 August 2015 starting from 9h00 until 17h00.
Station: DRBA Station: PMBG
Station code: DRBA Station code: PMBG
Lat: S 29° 51 ' 04.23323" Lat: S 29° 36 ' 02.61040"
Lon: E 31° 01 ' 24.41875" Lon: E 30° 22 ' 59.76921"
Height: 63.609 Height:
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