Nt1310 Unit 2 Study And Thinking Skills

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1. Weekly Planning – Observing weekly tasks, prioritising short term jobs and allocating time slots for a weeks’ worth of work. Included would be allocated time frames and tasks for the days, setting out what needs to be done and for how long. Even such things as going through emails, talking with staff, having computer input and discussing matters of importance should be included to reduce stress and time pressures from the individual. This creates a meaningful and realistic plan for greater time management and something to aim for while undertaking tasks for the greatest efficiency. 2. Delegate tasks - By understanding who are better at particular tasks than yourself, delegating can be implemented as a major time saving technique. Providing them with the resources and support they require, they can get the job completed just as well or even better than you could under time pressures. While delegating tasks, you can focus on more important issues that have a larger consequence of not completing. It also gives them a chance to shine, learn and up skill if they haven 't had the exposure needed to develop. It takes a load off your shoulders and provides added benefit by effectively completing more tasks, than you could alone. 3. Computer Assisted Software – Used to plan, schedule and monitor work. Easily…show more content…
Job Prioritisation – A list of activities needed to complete in order of relevance, priority and importance. It sets out realistic timeframes and creates a broader understanding of what would have the most consequence if not completed in the allocated timeframe. It recommends what has to be completed first for the greatest efficiency in the workplace, taking goals and final deadlines into account. The biggest and more time consuming tasks should be prioritised first, managing the smaller tasks for possible delegation. This clears the mind of overload and sets out objectives that need to be done, then forwarding the priority lists to a weekly and or monthly
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