Nt1310 Unit 2 Team Assignment

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When I exchanged to the Nanjing Technique University, it was the first time that I understood the programming. During the interval of exchanging in Nanjing University of Science & Technology, I worked on a project was that created an application in the phone which are able to calculate the value of BMI. Otherwise, we establish a database which includes the advice based on the result of the BMI. I like the method that we divided our project to different tasks, using the sticky note attaching to the board and reporting the progress of our task every day, contributing us to work together efficiently by well communication. First time, I realized how people conduct the considerable application efficiently and I am so fascinated with solving the coding the program that I feel I am deeply trapped in it and…show more content…
Furthermore, I would like to have internship in order to expand my experience and familiar with the work circumstance as early as possible. I believe that working on the diversity of projects is the best way to enhance the skill of coding; Secondly, English is most common language, approving me to work the place I want to, it is the reason why I participate the ESL program in Cal Poly Pomona. I studied for 3 quarter to learn English and accustom to the American culture, preparing for the graduate school as early as possible. There are some advantages studying in USA such as we have more opportunity can meet people around the world and lift worldview because people come from every world. Moreover, I am going to take classes to enhance my ability in computer science during the summer. During my free time, I regularly watch the open course in YouTube to learn more about the computer science. For the past year, I have trained all the aptitude needed by computer
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