Nt1310 Unit 2 Vocation And Val

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There are 2 modules:
 User Module
Client application consist of the application on the user side. This application has the login page to register for new client. Th application communication with the server using internet connection. The application acts as a guide for direct him to his parking slot. After login in the application the user need to enter a field of its duration time which is send to the server. In response the application receives data from server regarding the parking slot to be used. This data is shown to the client in a graphical manner which is easy to understand.
User has to fill register form which is having the following fields:-
(a) Name of the user
(b) Birth date
(c) Gender
(d) Email
(e) Mobile Number
(f) Password
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While user is leaving the parking slot and going towards the exit gate the employee will again scan the NFC card of that particular parking slot number. Because of this at the server side status of slot is marked as vacant and user’s status is mark as OUT.
(a) Login admin system using login id and password.
(b) Update status of parking slot w.r.t. status of user.
Verification and validation testing are two important tests which are carried out on a software before it has been handed over to the customer. The aim of both verification and validation is to ensure that the product is made according to the requirements of the client, and does indeed fulfill the intended purpose. While verification is a quality control process, the quality assurance process carried out before the software is ready for release is known as validation testing.
Its goal is to validate and be confident about the product or system, and that it fulfills the requirements given by the customer. The acceptance of the software from the end customer is also its part. Often, testing activities are introduced early in the software

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