Nt1310 Unit 3.1 Lab Report

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In lab 3.1 we took a look at attentions and how different task require different amounts of attention for certain tasks. When a secondary task is added the participant has not done before or is difficult, it task away attention or “ space” for the primary task. For this lab we wanted to see how our walking would change when our attentional demands changed with the addition different task to perfumer using a tennis ball. In condition one the participant was asked to walk across the room (there and back) for a total of five trials. The examiner recorded how long it took to walk each time. During this condition the participant was not allowed to know their time between trails. After completing all five trails the times were added up and averaged.…show more content…
What I mean by that is, as excepted with an increase in secondary task in condition four my average was the highest meaning it took me the longest because my attentional demands had changed. A result I was not excepting was getting the same average for condition one and three. As stated earlier my trails in condition three were all over the place. It would be interesting to redo condition three and see if my times would still be all over the place or would be different. Also, comparing condition three results with the other students in my class and see if they had a similar experience. If no, t my results could possibly be an out lier if we were to graph and look at the class data as a whole. One factor that could effect results would be the environment. Meaning the other people (students) around you during your trials. If one student was walking extremely fast in comparison to your normal pace you might start to walk faster subconsciously and be influenced by them. Another factor that could influence the results is not throwing the ball properly in condition four and just passing it to the other hand instead. If we were to compare the group data and some students pass the ball instead of throwing it their times would be different then if they threw the ball. This would make it hard to compare condition four results because not every did not execute it the same
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