Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Data Analysis

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Assign. 3 Andrew McConnon 13349871 1. In terms of specification of the framing in relation to the classic Ethernet protocol, it is specified by IEEE 802.3-2012. The SFD (start frame delimiter) delimits an Ethernet frame. This happens by breaking bit patterns in the preamble and then marking the start of the Ethernet frame. Maximum payload size is 1500 octets. 2. The first six bytes of an Ethernet frame collaborate and design the destination address. The address of the destination shows the user where the data frame is going. The following six bytes are what is called the source address and it holds information that tells us where the data frame has come from. A MAC address can be UA meaning universally administered to a device or LA meaning…show more content…
When one receives a signal, it must wait for the transmitter to stop transmitting, before replying. In these half-duplex systems, if more than one emits a transmission at the same time, a collision will occurs and messages will be lost. The messages sent by nodes are corrupted. The receiving nodes receive random data. In half-duplex networks, the node transmitting must make sure that the network is quiet prior to transmitting, and in addition there is usually some mechanism for transmitting nodes to detect overlapping transmissions. 10BASE5 coaxial cable is the transmission technology used in the classic Ethernet protocol which was a stiff enough cable which was hard to install in buildings etc. as it was hard to bend. As it was hard to install along with other issues, 10BASE2 cable was made which was a skinnier coaxial cable which had obvious improvements in terms of installation. 4. The CRC-32 algorithm is uses a 33 bit generator. Connection orientated services and acknowledged services are provided by the classic Ethernet protocol. The purpose of the checksum is to give a cyclic redundancy check (32 bit) to show up errors at the end of the

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