Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Identify The Areas Of Knowledge

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When asked what a network is, I usually think about the internet or my phone’s network. It had never occurred to me to go further in depth on the subject. In order to fully understand what a network is we must look into what all networks have in common. All networks whether they are a broadcast, a computer, or a business network (the list goes on) all share common traits. There exists a hierarchy within each network and the more connections one has, the better. For example, within a business network the more connections one has, the higher the position they can gain. All networks are self-motivated, transfers knowledge, contains subnetworks, have a set of protocols, rules, can have bad connections and they all have a connection in a common…show more content…
In order to answer the question above we have to know what knowledge is in this context. Knowledge is a description of reality based on all pertinent facts that we know of. In the previous paragraph I already clarified on what a network is and this is important because I will use the metaphor of a network. In this case, we will use a network to represent an area of knowledge and the nodes, the connections, to represent the ways of knowing that we use in order to attain knowledge. The networks help us to process information and what is going on around us in order to gain knowledge. Each network may have a different shape depending on how big it is, how much it expands, and in what direction it is moving in. This is defined as its structure. In order to understand all of this information I will have to look at two areas of knowledge, one of which is mathematics. Mathematics, in comparison to other areas of knowledge, is quite a selective network. It is very limited to what ways of knowing…show more content…
While both networks are similar in that respect, Art’s central node is emotion and all knowledge that is gained stems from this way of knowing. Another way of knowing that is important to Art is imagination. For example, when someone looks at a piece of art emotion is central to how they interpret and respond to that piece of art. Once they have that initial response they use their imagination to come up with a plausible meaning to that art, based off of the emotion that they felt towards the piece. While this is the case in the observer of the art it is a different story for the artist. When they go to create their art they have a set emotion in mind and they work to integrate it into their piece. Imagination is used in their creative process. Through using their imagination, they are able to get the emotion that they desire into the art and the reaction that they desire from the audience. To fully understand how an art network works it can help to relate it to an artist. For example, Vincent van Gogh was an artist who strived to imbue all of his art pieces with emotion. With the emotion in mind that he wanted to convey, he used his imagination to come up with a style that would serve his purpose. His style was different from others before him because he chose a differing color palette and it was quite bold. His choice of colors differed with his

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