Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Language Analysis

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・Describe what you did. This does not mean that you copy and paste from what you have posted or the assignments you have prepared. You need to describe what you did and how you did it. I read all lectures and understand the basic system of this class, it adopts because this is the first class, I should prepare for composing the program. I ・Describe your reactions to what you did I installed the NetBeans and Java, it failed, thus I decide to ask my colleagues and instructor, additionally, I know the new website called Programr, I use it to handle the program via my smartphone, thus I open this page in the train. ・Describe any feedback you received or any specific interactions you had. Discuss how they were helpful In the last programming…show more content…
・Describe your feelings and attitudes I 'm motivated to this class, because I selected my major as the computer science, this course connects to it, this is my interest. In the last term, I troubled to compose programming the Python, spend a long time to submit my assignments, as a result, I learned the basic concept of the programming, thus I attain the confidence to learn new programming language. ・Describe what you learned Though I already knew the programming soft called Eclipse, this class teaches me the new soft called NetBeans, it helps the programmer to show the bugs efficiently, this connects to omit time to fix the program. In the view of programming knowledge, the basic system about Java and programming grammar. ・What surprised me or caused me to wonder? The textbook adopts useful to read, it contains a lot of information, thus I wonder to master this textbooks leads the way as to become a professional programmer. I decide to read this book until I remember all perfectly. ・What happened that felt particularly challenging? Why was it challenging to…show more content…
In this week, I don 't face any troubles about the assignment, in the reason it doesn 't become necessary to handle the difficult code. However, in the last term, I took the programming fundamental class, I had the difficult problems in each week, and ask to help my colleagues almost every day, thus I suppose to be in trouble, I should not to do by myself, quickly ask them or instructor. ・What skills and knowledge do I recognize that I am gaining? I study the basic concept about the programming, how the machine understands what the human writes, how it composes the outputs, thus I eager to write the code, I can prepare for the writing task weeks. ・What am I realizing about myself as a learner? I understand how this class is going to be held, I start to work the computer technology company from this June, I spend time the large parts of my time basically, therefore I imagine the abstract plan how to finish assignments till the deadline. The sooner I start to work assignments, the more I can ask as possible. ・In what ways am I able to apply the ideas and concepts gained to my own experience? In this week, the self quiz works the most difficult task to me. Firstly I fulfilled answers, in case I find mistakes, I read the textbook again and search for the words. sentences what I don 't know. Finally, describe one important thing that you are thinking about in relation to the

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