Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Network Security

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Yes, it does matter if the link is fiber or microwave or some media. The reason for such an assumption is due to the fact the medium’s speed is getting varied. Usually the CAT 5 speed is 100mbps, hence fiber has the highest speed amongst others. Furthermore, Fiber and CAT 5 are full duplex, hence the reason for connecting these two locations, Fast ethernet or Giga bit ethernet ports switches are utilized. The Fast Ethernet specification defines separate physical sub-layers for each media type. Full-duplex technology delivers up to 200 Mbps bandwidth; bi-directional communication, meaning that the 100 Mbps is available for transmission in each direction. Likewise, Full duplex also increases the maximum distance supported for fiber cables between two data terminal equipment (DTE) devices for up to 2 km. The IEEE 802.3z standard describes three types of transmission; 1000BaseSX over multimode fiber optic cable, 1000BaseLX over single-mode fiber…show more content…
Security is important in every aspect of our day to day lives, both personal and professional. Any data that can be used to identify someone is personal and some personal data may be considered sensitive. Nestlé is fiercely committed to safeguarding privacy, while all employees have a responsibility to respect the security of others. I consider it as the main risk for network security. Most of the security attacks occur due to the limited knowledge of users. Such mistakes or scenarios can be stopped with proper training and education on significant threats and vulnerabilities. End users usually do not follow best practices and security guidelines. Much attention is not paid to spam emails, malwares, viruses and even phishing emails. Users need to be educated on the significance of protecting they’re data on vulnerable networks and administrators need to secure the networks with proper tools, training and

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