Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Screenshot Examples

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In this first screenshot, I basically opened command prompt and search for ipconfig. Within those instructions, I have gather information that you can evidently see in the screenshot, such as my desktop’s name, wireless LAN adapter, Ethernet adapter LAN, and other connections running. Without typing ipconfig /all in command prompt, people wouldn’t be able to tell a lot from just using a sniffer like Wireshark. For instance, within the content of the screenshot you can tell I have Comcast due to the evidence (hsd1.va.comcast.net) from Connection-specific DNS Suffix. Another thing that can be evidently seen in the screenshot, is my IPv6 and IPv4 address which allows me connect/create more TCP/IP address within the Internet. Another importance…show more content…
It has also shown me that ipconfig can also display IP address, default gateways, adapters like Bluetooth, and subnet masks. Although the TCP/IP are generated into a simpler form for the human to understand, the information off this project can relapse the information we learned from Hands-on Activity 4A. For example, I remembered that TCPs can help the user establish a network connection to another company’s DNS. I also found out that each Physical address is uniquely made for each user. 1) Use the ipconfig/all command on your computer. What is the IP address, subnet mask, IP address of default gateway, and MAC of your computer? My IP address is 2601:140:8001:3239:3c47:3b50:b65f:88d2. My subnet mask is My IP address of default gateway is fe80::1286:8cff:feec:de7a%15. My MAC address is BA-EE-65-33-85-BB. 2) Why does every computer on the internet need to have these four numbers? The IP address is specifically made for each unique user. It also helps you get identified on servers, websites, etc. The subnet mask is to hide the individual’s IP into 32 bit numbers. The IP address of default gate is the route for the user’s computer to determine where to send the packets. In this case your gateway will be your router. As for the MAC address it’s the computer’s unique Id on

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