Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment

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• Visual: the teacher uses a lot of visual representations for Ashely; this is used to help her understand better example when the teacher wants Ashely to sit she uses a picture of someone sitting on a chair. When Ashely sees this picture she immediately sits down. Children with autism learn faster and with greater ease when you use visuals. When doing this the teacher must remember to help keep explanations simple and short about each picture or concentration will vanish. • Schedule: the teacher has a daily schedule which is important for Ashely. This is places as a pictorial chart on the wall for Ashely to view daily. People with autism like order and detail. They feel in control and secure when they know what to expect. Schedules help students know what’s ahead. Picture schedules are even more powerful because they help a student visualize the actions. • Use concrete language: the teacher always have concrete representation when teaching Ashley because of her inability to comprehend when only using words. Concrete representations help Ashley to understand the concept of what is being taught and it also is an aid for her to show what she understood from lesson. •…show more content…
Changing an activity provides a fear of the unknown. This elevates stress which produces anxiety. While a typical child easily moves from sitting in a circle on the floor to their desk, it can be a very big deal to a child on the spectrum. The teacher reduce the stress of transitions for Ashely by giving ample warning. Some technique she uses is by verbal instruction example “In 5 minutes, it’s time to return to our desks” and then again “Three minutes until we return to our desks” and then again “One more minute till we return to our

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