Nt1310 Unit 3 Data Backup Plan

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1.0 Overview: These policy’s describes the backup strategy for workstations or devices likely to have their records backed up. These devices are naturally servers, however, are not essentially limited to servers. Servers projected to be backed up comprise of the file the mail and the web server. 1.0 Purpose: A policy designed to defend data in the organization to be sure it’s not lost and can be recuperated in the result of an equipment failure, deliberate destruction of data or disaster. 1.0 Scope: This Rule relates to all equipment and data maintained. 1.0 Targeted Audience: Return to overview 1.0. 1.0 Scheduling: Complete backups are executed every night taking place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. In place of maintenance reasons; backups are not executed taking place Friday, they will be implemented on Saturday or Sunday.…show more content…
Close by shall be an isolated or set of Tapes for each Friday of the month, E.g. Friday 1, Friday 2, etc. on Friday Backups performed on that day or weekends will be saved for a single month and used again next month on the related Friday. Backups completed Monday through Thursday shall be kept for one week and used again the following suitable day of the week. 1.0 weekly cleaning: Tape drives will be cleaned weekly and the cleaned tape shall be changed

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