Nt1310 Unit 3 Data Collection

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Data collection is essential to the establishment of a baseline for measurable improvement. In order to establish a uniform process at the Electrolux Memphis, Tennessee factory to account for excess raw material not consumed during the course of a day, it is necessary to document the current conditions with recordable data. The focus of the data collected will provide insights into the current variability occurring in the daily process. After determining the variability, instituting stability in the process can ensue. Specifically, the data collected will lead to the development of a process that will provide consistency between assembly lines, provide continuity as employees turn over, and ultimately improve efficiency and profitability…show more content…
Only when the material has an accounting transaction returning it to the proper location in the warehouse, can the material be delivered once again to the assembly line. This data is important to understand because there could be several reasons influencing why the raw materials sent are not being received into the appropriate location. One reason could be the lack of manpower. Other reasons may include simply not following the process or parts being damaged during internal transportation through the manufacturing…show more content…
It is imperative to understand the current conditions of what materials are candidates for return, compared to the performance level of returns achieved each day. The delta between the identified material returns and the actual returns will provide information for goal setting. Additionally, with the transfer of raw materials into the warehouse, there must be a transaction to receive it into inventory and distribute it to the appropriate location. At that point, the process will be complete for the appropriate accounting of the materials, creating availability for consumption at the next production demand. The data collected will be influential in developing a robust procedure for each assembly line to follow in a consistent manner. Evaluation of the data defined will play an instrumental role in the process improvement written procedure, therefore enhancing operational

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