Nt1310 Unit 3 Fault Analysis

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Question Set 7 A) What types of methods and tools are used to measure, document and analyze ancient fault activity along the San Andreas Fault and its associated faults? For example, how do geologists determine how long a fault has been active, how often it ruptures, its relative offset motion, and how much offset? Note that the term "ancient" means fault activity that occurred thousands to millions of years ago - long before seismologists were around. Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale: Measures the intensity of an earthquake Richter Scale: Used to measure the magnitude of an earthquake (Tarbuck, 2013) B) Briefly describe each method, including the specific types of scientific tools and equipment used. Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale:…show more content…
These maps are referenced when updating building codes which are used by engineers and contractors when designing buildings, highways, bridges, and other structures to ensure they are built to withstand the effects of an earthquake should it hit the area. Other organizations, like insurance companies, FEMA, EPA, and AASHTO also reference these maps. (Earthquake Hazards, 2015) Uniform Building Code was established by the government to develop better building construction and ensure public safety. This is updated each year to ensure the safety regulations are as accurate as possible. Question Set 10 A) List and describe the various ways that people living in and around the SAFS can be best prepared for the coming "Big One"? Home? Office? Car? 1) Have an emergency plan and kit for both your home and office. And make sure you, your family, and/or coworkers know what the plan is and where the kit is kept. • The kit should include items like food and water, blankets, flashlight and batteries, candles and matches, and any other essentials that would be useful during/after an earthquake and include enough of each item to last for 72 hours. • You should also keep one of these kits in your

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