Nt1310 Unit 3 Game Analysis

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The computer I have chosen for Adam is a custom gaming PC called The Rebel T3. The computer I have chosen for Adam is from NCIX (ncix.com) costing $4,276.86 CAD, including tax and shipping. The computer may seem a lot, however, the cost for the specifications is justifiable for what Adam requires. Since Adam enjoys running multiple operating systems, the computer will come with Windows 10 Home and will provide different operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X. The CPU is an Intel core i7-6700K with quad core at 4.2Ghz. The processor is faster, more power efficient, and better equipped for modern computing than any others on the market for a student. Along with the Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4 for its RAM, it will be able to run several programs…show more content…
Additionally, virtualization is key for him a perfect program would be Oracle VM VirtualBox able to download for free at virtualbox.org. Since Adam often has a web browser and a word processor the two perfect programs for him would be Google Chrome for the web browser and can be downloaded for free at google.com/chrome and for the word processor Microsoft Word would be perfect as it correct grammar and identify mistakes and comes in a bundle called Office Home & Student 2016 as it cost $149.99 at office.com. Not only does he get the basic program for document applications, he is able to use other programs such as Excel and Powerpoint to plan, display, and organize his future work. The monitor I have picked out was a Asus 34" ROG Swift Ultrawide Curved Gaming monitor coming from Bestbuy (bestbuy.com) costing $1,899.99 CAD. Although the monitor cost nearly half of the computer the looks may be incredible, but as it comes with G-Sync meaning the graphic card and the monitor will sync as it will eliminate screen tearing as well as minimizing display stutter and input

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