Nt1310 Unit 3 Network Security

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We can judge the network to be secured if there are proper security measures implemented to protect the network. In order to be competent and secured, it is necessary to be aware of different security features. Some of the basic features/elements of security are: • Confidentiality • Integrity • Availability or Non-Repudiation These three put together are commonly known as “CIA” (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authenticity) in the domain of network security. Some of the benefits of CIA are mentioned as follows: • Comprehensive security monitoring features • Integrated security management of critical assets on the network • Flexible in terms of providing the necessary security features to varied networks In this chapter you will learn about…show more content…
User ID and password are the mandatory login credentials to access your account. In addition to them, Transaction password is quite essential to transfer the money. Both the login password and transaction password are the confidential. Along with both these passwords you would receive a verification code (one time password) to the registered mobile number to ensure that you are the person who is accessing the account. All the three passwords are confidential to keep your account and money secured. When you are sending your username and password from your computer to bank server it should maintained confidentiality. No third party should be able to hack or share your information. There are few characteristics of confidentiality which are explained in detail as follows: i. Access Control Access control is a type of security technique which is used to identify an authorised user who can view or who will use resources for various data processing activities in a secured environment. Access control describes selective choosing of the information on the network and only authorised users have access to those information. Accessing information means utilising the data for business processing activities on the network. The access control is secured with the help of username and password for which the access to information is given to only a set of authorised users on the

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