Nt1310 Unit 3 Problem Analysis Paper

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The problems are given as from the lectures review. (1) The code based on the zero cross correlation exist with in phase zero cross correlation between the user for high performance of system of optical network, is suffer from the long length of code in optical code division multiple access system. The cost of the is also very high for designing of code. Security of spectral amplitude code is also very low due the availability of information at every spectrum of code in optical code division multiple access system. There is need of code that should have smaller length of code with low complexity of design of system .such type of code are the MD and ZCC code. . For two different sequences , .In case of ideal in phase cross correlation and in zero cross correlation. 2) There many codes are developed for reducing the length of code with in phase unity cross correlation between the users . These code reduce the length of code to some extend but these code again suffer from complexity of system with improve the cost of system and design of coding is also not so much easy that in case of zero cross correlation code such type of code are the MDW and MS codes 3) A another code is…show more content…
Another technique that is totally reduces the signal multiple access interference than the above method but this method again suffer from the cost. Both the techniques is called the balanced detection technique in system because in both technique detectors are used in balanced mode. So there is need of the technique that is strongly remove the Multiple access interference in the system and that improve the signal strength for user

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