Nt1310 Unit 3 Report

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Career Episode 3 Scenario – 1 XYZ Ltd has the specialty to build and provide the maintenance for Underground communication equipments and recently they received the signal boosters having the problem with DC power supply and gain. You are working as a technician and your manager asked you to write down the report by testing two circuits and devices below by using different testing procedure and provide the detailed observation. P1.1 Your report/observation must contain the following information. 1) Test the semiconductor devices used in the both circuits in figure 1 and figure 2. 2) Record the measured voltages, currents at different points and suggest about correct functionality. 3) Write down the detail report for testing the semiconductor circuits by using two different methods. Figure-1 DC Power Supply Circuit Figure-2 Single Stage Amplifier 3.1 Introduction This task was a part of unit 39- Electronic Principles; assignment -1 at Uxbridge College (UK) dated from 29/11/2013 to 20/12/2014 for second year students.…show more content…
List the theoretical values must be shown by circuits if both are working properly. 2. Help Emilio during testing procedures and ensure that he is following the procedures correctly. 3. Record all the test results and communicate immediately to Hishan if any fault is discerned. 4. Calculate the difference amidst theoretical, simulated and practical values. 5. Consult Hishan to probe in details about problematic components. 6. Segregate faulty component, replace it and ask Emilio to test the overall working. 7. Prepare a draft report pointing causes of fault for Hishan who is going to write a final report. 3.3.1 Personnel Engineering Activity As I have already mentioned that my particular work here was to record the data retrieved from testing. To demonstrate my skills and knowledge I have accomplished following tasks- First of all we tested DC power
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