Nt1310 Unit 4 Risk Management Research Paper

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In unit five, we are introduced to data backup and recovery concepts. For your written assignment: Discuss the differences between conducting differential and incremental backups with emphasis on database backups and restore and reliability (do they always work?). Use at least 2 references from the required websites. Your response must be complete and in your own words with conclusion and title page.
Full backup is an operation consisting of copy all the files on the system including the system files, the data files, and the software files. A priori, full backup can
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I will focus on Microsoft Exchange Server and it’s Databases (including their backup strategy with Symantec Backup Exec 2015 software) ,which I’m administering and maintaining here at the workplace.
Differences between conducting differential and incremental backups
When full backup is done it has copied all files, then subsequent backups in the middle of full copies period are referencing to the last full backup .
The main difference between backup types is on their connection to the archive bit, as a file component which is activated when a file is created or changed and also shows whether the file has been backed up, when it was last modified.
As we know a full backup resets the archive bit, which means that any files changed after that will be backed-up between that full backup and the next backup.
In other hand, a differential backup backup only those files that had changes after the full backup, but it doesn’t reset the archive bit, which means it will copy again on the next schedule.
As disadvantage is that the size of the differential copy will increase every time a backup is done until the next full
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