Nt1310 Unit 5

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Unit 5’s reading section covers the various features and tools available in Microsoft’s Powerpoint application (Gambrel, 2014). The first part I found helpful was the section that taught how to create a new presentation. This taught me several things about Powerpoint including how to add, delete, and organize slides. I have used Powerpoint in the past, but everything I know about it is self-taught, so it was good to have an actual training that covered everything from scratch. The second tool that I found that could be useful is the template options available in Powerpoint. There are a multitude of various templates that I could use, which are already pre-loaded with graphics and pictures that will make my presentation more visually appealing.…show more content…
The first thing that jumped out at me was the ability to change fonts and font sizes on the Slide Master. Changes made in the Slide Master will apply to all slides throughout the entire presentation. This eliminates the need to format each slide, and will help free up time for the creator to focus on the material they want to cover in the presentation. Powerpoint also has a setting called AutoFit, which I found helpful. This setting forces a reduction in the size of the text when the user types more words in each text box than it will hold. AutoFit is enabled by default and assists users by automatically selecting the appropriate text formatting for each slide. However, users still have the ability to modify the text formatting manually when necessary. The Spelling feature in Powerpoint allows the user to ensure there are no grammatical errors in their presentation. Powerpoint uses its own built-in dictionaries to check spelling and will also highlight any repeated words that may have been typed by mistake. Powerpoint’s Thesaurus will offer suggestions for synonyms and antonyms and the user will have the option to substitute these words into the
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