Nt1310 Unit 6 Assignment 3 Tips

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Hi Martha, as you talked to me, you told me about the complex situation that you are facing at your workplace. You mentioned that you need this promotion, by all means. As we are from the same field, I came up with a suggestion for you. This can help you in gathering the required information that you need. As you told that the new chip that your client wants to produce under the Silicon 6 Project has few competitors. And your job is to gather as much information about it, as much you can. You must look in different technology magazines and the newsletters of the competitors. This may help you in getting some details about the new chip. Other than this you can check for few details on the official website or different blogs that are reporting on this chip. As you have an electrical engineering background, a little information will help you in predicting about the requirements for the manufacturing of this chip. After getting this information you must assemble it and make your presentation according to it. Then, you must arrange a meeting with the rising engineers in the…show more content…
Here I bring a short comparison of both. This will be helpful for you in choosing the eight plans. The first solution requires intensive study of magazines, websites, and blogs. It also demands to meet up with the emerging engineers that can predict the structure and the cost of the chip by using their engineering skills. This solution is risk-free but, it does not give you the exact and precise information while the second solution involves interviewing the company managers, visiting the plant, or hiring the current or ex-employees of the company. It requires handling the situation very carefully. While you are working on this project you must try to be secretive until you figure out the required information. This solution is risky but it will bring out the exact figures and details for you. And will guarantee your promotion and upcoming
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