Nt1310 Unit 6 Assignment

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Assessment and/or Outcomes: • Students will be informally assessed during the group work. The teacher will circulate around the classroom to make sure those students have an understanding how the events and people in the situations develop over time. • Students will be given a formative assessment based off of their answers with the definition of terrorism handout. • Students will be given a formative assessment based off of the Group Work Rubric. Students will be graded based on how well they are able to work together to draw a conclusion from their situation(s). 6. Bloom’s Taxonomy: • Comprehend • Analyze • Apply 7. Language Requirements: • Tier 2: Analyze, comprehend, apply, infer, draw a conclusion • Tier 3: Terrorist, terrorism,…show more content…
If it has changed why has it changed? If your definition has stayed the same why did it stay the same?” Application: • The students will research and bring in one article that describes the actual event of their situation. • The students will read the article using close reading strategies. • They will do a PIN reading which is they record something positive, interesting, and negative from what they read. • “For homework tonight your job is to research the situation that you and your group examined closely. Using the real names of the events, places, and people please print off and bring in one article that discusses your situation in more depth. You must write down the copy down the URL address of the website in which you get your article from Please use the close reading strategies that we practiced today in class to closely read your article. In order to participate in the class discussion you must do a PIN reading of your article. You will write something that is positive, interesting, and negative from what you read. You must be familiar with your article and ready to have a whole-class

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