Nt1310 Unit 6 Exercise 1

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Step 1: Create a cluster having N number of nodes using the formula Cm,k. For all m=0,1,2……N-1 K=1,2,……...logN Step2: Assume that all the nodes in the network can i nitiate the diagnosis and all the nodes are fault free at the initial stage of algorithm execution. Step 3: Start the Diagnosis process: Repeat for K=1 to log N Do Send i_hb( p, q , Dq, init_hb_msg) Set_Timeout (Tout) Step4: Find out response time and tested node response r_hb (q, p, D’q ,res_hb_msg) if Dq = D’q, // then the testee node is fault free. Status_Table[p] =fault free ff = ff U [q] else // the node that replied an incorrect message are diagnosed as faulty node. f=N (initnode_id)-ff if (f=N (initnode_id)) Then //if its entire neighboring nodes is faulty

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