Nt1310 Unit 6 Final Project

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Simple Yet Supreme State the Problem Trapped in my house, I thought, “I need to do something.” I requested assistance from my sister, but she soon refused claiming she had obligations of her own to attend to. So all alone in this task, I began making a plan. Complete Background Research Seeing the snow build even higher outside, I searched online to find the perfect idea for a snow sculpture. Disheartened by the flood of simple snowmen, the familiar igloo, and other cliches provided online, I set out to discover an idea I could call my own. I had come up with a slew of ideas only to be brought down by my own criticism. Formulate the Hypothesis “Do you want to sculpt words from the snow?” That’s much too easy. “How about a cartoon character?” How boring. “A snow car perhaps?” It’s been done. I needed something that was never before seen. As I rummaged through the supply closet searching for…show more content…
I received a multitude of requests from my parents and sister urging me to end for the day. So I quickly left indentations to signify where I should pick back up the following morning. The final day came and I was ready to see the results of this project. Glad that I left indentations, I could quickly fine tune the edges. A slight problem lay with the beck of the duck, falling off when I tried to make it protrude from the head. A simple addition of sticks to be the foundation dissolved that issue and I continued working. At the end, I felt proud of my work and relieved that it was all over. Results As days passed and the weather began to get warmer, I watched as my sculpture evolved from a duck to a puddle on the ground. I thought to myself, “Was it all worth it?” and quickly dismissing this idea. I came to realize that I didn’t need something solid reference to this achievement, that the knowledge that I could accomplish anything with determination and a little creativity was
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