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Question number sixteen states, “During the time you described in question 10, did you scroll through any of your active social media accounts?” It is a nominal question because the answers are not given a quantitative value. As a result, qualitative data is retrieved from the answer. Since the question is nominal, the measure of central tendency that can be used to summarize it is the mode. There are no quantities since the answers were words rather than numbers so mean and median cannot be calculated. The data is qualitative, thus measures of variation cannot be calculated. Data cleaning was not conducted on this question The frequency table shows that the mode of the question is yes with a valid percentage of 52%. Furthermore, the pie chart shows that 52% of the respondents answered yes to whether they scrolled through active social media accounts during the time they described in question ten. In contrast, 44% responded no and 4% chose the option, “I do not have any active social media accounts.” If the survey was conducted again, I would not change the question. It is worded well and is easy to…show more content…
It may have an impact because females made up 75% of the respondents and 52% of the respondents reported scrolling through active social media accounts while either studying or doing homework. However, there was a very small difference between respondents that reported that they did not scroll through active accounts (44%). The results cannot prove whether there is a relationship between gender and if a person scrolls through active social media accounts while trying to study or do homework. The number of males and female are disproportionate. It may seem that females are more likely to scroll through active social media accounts, but the willingness of mostly females to respond to the survey needs to be taken into

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