Nt1310 Unit 8.1 Research Paper

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There are different kinds of operating systems in the technology world. Microsoft makes Windows which is the most widely used operating system in the world. 90% of the world uses it. The most used after Microsoft is Apple which makes OSX. There is also Ubuntu and Unix. They do not share the same protocols and the same communications software but they are manageable to be able to communicate between each other. One way of communicating is called LLDP. It is a kind of communication box that connects to different systems between each other. This connects to switches and they share information to be able to communicate and transfer information automatically. This gives access to different kinds of websites and information that is shared between…show more content…
This tool was used to see what devices are interconnected between any computer and the user’s computer. It does give information of hardware with the IP Address that is assigned to each one of them. LLDP does not come installed on Windows, it has to be downloaded and installed. Each Windows OS is different and with Windows XP is the following procedure. First Internet Explorer is opened and access the LLDP Responder download page. After download the copy has to be validated. After the download and validation, the user has to click on the file and then install it. There are sometimes some issues when a file is denied access to because of its properties. To be able to open a file in Windows and install or use because another file needs to use it, some things need to be changed. First the file needs be found. The user right click on the file and selects properties. The security tab is clicked and under Group and user names the user has to look for the user’s name to see the permission he or she has. If it does not a have a read permission the user is unable to access it. This can be changed by the administrator. Also in the General tab advanced has to be clicked. If the file is encrypted the certificate is needed to open it. the only way to get the certificate is from the person that created the

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