Nt1310 Unit 8 Assignment 2

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The first part of the integration process included updating each change made to the ladder logic program for the third floor to the second and first floor. Changes were made in the alarm and the light control section to fix errors and deficiencies found in the logic. The second part of the integration process took place in programming the human machine interface (HMI) through which operators may observe, monitor and exert control over the entire system. This implementation provides functionalities such as alarming, logging, trending and in the future, offsite monitoring. The HMI was updated to include all changes done to each floor in the light control, alarm and the energy management system. These updates include modifying existing screens and correcting bugs or incorrectly programmed controls. The HMI screens for the third floor was completely redesign…show more content…
• Verified that all the zones trespass will be highlighted in the screen on the HMI. • Verified that intruder alarms are created for all the zones and reflected on the HMI. • Verified the alarm history to verify the automatic alarm option and to validate that all the sensors are well calibrated and weren’t activated through the night. Conclusion It is intended when developing a BAS, that the customers and contractors develop a process that will deliver the intended results reliably and with minimum variance from the original design objectives and applicable standards. This is why all the improvements made revolved around consistency. Consistency in the labeling across the documentation and the programs developed for a simpler user experience. Producing HMI screens of each sub-system that produce the same information in an easy to understand form. Consistency in the preparation of easy to follow diagrams. Now all of the subsystems have their respective schematics and diagrams and an easy to follow system
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