Nt1310 Unit 8 Assignment

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Guided Practice PERFORMANCE TASK(S): The students are expected to learn the Commutative and Associative properties of addition and subtraction during this unit. This unit would be the beginning of the students being able to use both properties up to the number fact of 20. The teacher would model the expectations and the way the work is to be completed through various examples on the interactive whiteboard. Students would be introduced to the properties, be provided of their definitions, and then be walked through a step by step process of how equations are done using the properties. Each day, the teacher would review the information and equations that were taught the day prior, to ensure that students have a clear understanding and are ready…show more content…
I would use this day to allow the students to have independent work and practice time to work on the different properties that we studied during the week. I would have 4-5 activities picked out and ready for the students to work on. The first activity that I would have the students work on is an instructional math game on the laptops. The game is from Math Blaster and explains to students that a+b=b+a (commutative property), and then provides an example of this with numbers; (example- 3+6=9 and 6+3=9 or 9-6=3). Students would also be able to do an instructional computer game on the Associative property of addition. Students would learn and become familiar with the Order of Operations and understand that they must do the work that is in the parentheses before continuing with the remainder of the problem. Another fun activity that the students could do for independent practice is ‘Fact Family Homes’. For this activity, students would be given three numbers; 2, 5, and 7; they would practice the addition first- 2+5=7 and 5+2=7 and then the subtraction- 7-2=5 and 7-5=2. The teacher would make six of these little homes on a worksheet and have different numbers and equations for the students to solve. One more activity that I would have the students work on to help retain the Commutative property of addition is a cut and paste worksheet. For this worksheet, students would have 8 treasure chests with an equation in them; for example, 4+3 and they would need to cut and paste which equation from the bottom was equal to the one listed above in the chest. (4+3=3+4). Students would then be able to color the different treasure chest. A worksheet that focuses on the Associative property of addition that the students can work on, would be a worksheet that has twelve equations and uses arrows to identify which part of the
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