Nt1310 Unit 8 Evaluation System

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Jason, I will address each of your points below: 1-4: I am positive the system and scenes are 100% functional. I have tested several times, most recently with the Lutron programmer about 2 weeks ago, and everything worked. Last night, I tested the scenes again and confirmed the lighting worked by looking at the front door camera. Regardless, I am headed over shortly to confirm, again. My guess is Ms. Mathews is not fully aware of the functionality of the system. It is my hope you can successfully explain and demonstrate the system to her during your meeting to provide her the info needed to be comfortable. Here are somethings that should be explained to her. Not every light is integrated into the system; therefore, there will be many she will need to turn on manually. Since the lighting is 3rd party (not native to Savant,) there is a delay in turning on the switches. Each one turns on individually after the other. To reduce the choppiness of them turning on, a 10 second fade has been inserted into the scenes, so the lights come on gradually. This was at the request of the builder. All the audio zones come on to the volumes determined in my scene. Ms.…show more content…
As I said before, I am 100% confident the system is 100% functional, but I will confirm. As for getting her back on our side, I will provide you with everything you have requested to do so, but, ultimately, this is your responsibility. It is my understanding the sales team is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with their clients; the media installation team will continue to go above and beyond to complete the projects above all requirements and to the utmost customer satisfaction, but, such as with this situation, it is the responsibility of the salesperson to communicate with the client to manage his/her satisfaction. I have included Tyler and Mark to allow them to interject on these comments if they
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