Nt1310 Unit 8 Research Paper

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xor ax, ax ; Make the ax register 0. Remember the exclusive or when both operands are the same is always 0. mov ds, ax ; ds = ax mov ss, ax mov sp, 0x9c00 mov es, ax mov ax, 0xb800 ; 0xb800 is the address where the bootloader or kernel writes in the video memory mov es, ax ; ax contains the video memory address and es = ax. mov si, msg ; adds the string 'msg ' into the source index register. (msg is defined below) call sprint ; invokes the sprint function (sprint is defined below) mov ax, 0xb800 mov gs, ax mov bx, 0x0000 mov ax, [gs:bx] mov word [reg16], ax call printreg16 hang: jmp hang ; This is an endless loop because it will always jump back to the hang statement. dochar: call cprint sprint: lodsb ; Loads the string that is stored in the SI register…show more content…
Choose whatever color you want by changing number.) mov cx, ax movzx ax, byte [ypos] mov dx, 160 mul dx ; mul = multiply movzx bx, byte [xpos] shl bx, 1 mov di, 0 add di, ax add di, bx mov ax, cx stosw add byte [xpos], 1 ; Increase x positon by

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