Nt1310 Unit 8 Ssr3

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• ICMP; is one of the main rules of the internet protocol suite. It is used by system devices, like router, to send error messages showing, for example, that a demanded service is not offered or that a crowd or router could not be touched. • DHCP; Dynamic host configuration protocol is a customer server rules that repeatedly delivers an internet rules (IP) address and other linked arrangement information such as the subnet mask and avoidance entry. • Bluetooth; Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that lets people to usefully connect their plans with other policies “and “the character of the technology is developing to not only allow devices to talk with one another, but actually allow the all-in-one communication between devices, native requests and the cloud.” •…show more content…
It offers a secure fitting together between internet browsers and websites, letting you to communicate secretive data online. Physical Layout • Topologies; topology can be measured as a computer-generated nature or construction of a system. This shape does not agree to the real physical plan of the policies on the computer network. • Ring; basically in a ring system each device (workplace, waiter, and copier) is related to two other devices, this systems a ring for the signs to travel around. Each packet of data on the network trips in one way and each device collects each box in turn until the journey 's end device receives it. • Linear; basically arranged out in a line, has a single cable joining all of nodes. If on node breaks down the whole system breaks

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