Nt1310 Unit 8 System Analysis

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1. The operating system I am using is windows 7 and it allows me access Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. 2. A user interface is the way in which the user will interact with the computer system and all the apps that are available on the computers software. The components of a user interface is navigation mechanism, input mechanism, and output mechanism. An example of a user interface is a windows 8 starter screen which is equipped with tile shortcuts that leads a person to an app or other software. In addition user interface is designed to make it easier for the user to navigate computer. 3. The desktop is an onscreen app work area and its competent consist of the ability to place objects or files on the desktop and move them around or delete…show more content…
Removable medias consist of Optical discs, Memory cards and Floppy disks.Hierarchical format consist is designed to store large amount of data. Flash drive is designed to is used to store and transfer data. 7. A individual can find a folder by using the start menu then clicking the search box and typing in the desired folder. 8. A person can obtain help with currant operating system by using the search online text box, using the help links, and using windows help and support. To use the help window, users can click the question mark on the upper right hand corner of the app window. Then drag the window title bar to were ever is most comfortable and click search online help engine and type in question. 9. Microsoft office is a computer program that offers features like word excel access and PowerPoint. 10. Word is where users can create documents such as reports and letters. PowerPoint is where users can create presentations that can be shared with other computers. Excel is an organized spreadsheet were users can organize data calculate and graph data. Access is a database management system that allows users to create a database, add, change and delete data. Outlook is an app were users can communicate with others and organize

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