Nt1320 Unit 5 Assignment 1

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Forums: I have used the forums and looked around it a lot. I know how to navigate through the server 's forums and find and help out players on here. Also, the forum is a place where staff and players are able to interact with each other and communicate. It connects the players and knowing how to navigate and being able to help out on the forums is a big part of being a staff member. The forums is also a source of helping out players. Going under the "Help" section of the forums is a lot of posts on questions about the server. As a staff member, I will spend most of my time under the "Help" section and the "Staff Application" section so I can help out players with how they can write a better application and be able to help them out of the game. Recording: As a staff member, it is a priority to record your bans/mutes. This allows you to be able to provide evidence for the higher…show more content…
A player has been kicked and killed by a faction: I would /freeze the player who killed the person. Once in TS, the player will open a join.me and I will go through the player 's logs and check for any warning. If no warning of the kick is present in the logs then I will ban the player. If the player had warned the other person, I would then let the player free to go and kick the other from the channel. Somebody comes on the server with a spam-bot: I would instantly IP-ban/IP-mute the player. If somebody came on the server spamming it is clear to me as a staff member that they don 't care for the server and won 't be playing on it anytime soon. Advertisements are posted in chat: At first, I will warn the player for advertisement and clear chat. If the player does it a second time I will mute him for a period of time. If the spammer advertises a third time I will permanently mute /ban that player for advertising other servers. If it happens that the player logs on with alts I would then contact higher staff and have them blacklisted off the network. A player is reported for

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