Nt1330 Unit 1 Assignment

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Assignment 1 What is Web Server Scripting? Explain the principles of web server scripting: Web server scripting is simply where a script is executed on the web server before a webpage is sent to the user. This means that the files that the user can customised rather the layout or information shown on the webpage once they load it up, an example of this would be, on Facebook once you login you will get a news feed, which is for you alone and no one else. This makes webpages dynamic; they can change depending on circumstances of the user instead of being a simple static page which can’t change rather the layout, information and so forth. This is different from client side scripting however, since to be a server side script the data must be executed on the web server side, compared to the Client side scripts which are executed by the user’s browser. Different Web Server Scripting Languages: There are many different server side scripting languages which can be used on the web servers, these include: ASP: This is Microsoft’s web server scripting product which will commonly only run on a Windows based server. Files have the file extension of .asp which stands for Active Server Pages. Finally VBScript are used within ASP pages. ASP.net: ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web…show more content…
The interpreter is specially designed to take the script that needs to be run and translates it into machine code that will work with the servers CPU layout. This is better than compiled code for web applications as compiled code is written for a certain type of machine architecture, hence if the server hosting a website changed then the architecture could change. This would mean that the application would no longer work as the compiled code is incompatible with the new machines

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