Nt1330 Unit 1 Checklist

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Brian Salamanca Do not copy paste the assignment from internet.(Plagiarism will not be accepted) You can discuss with your friends but cannot copy their work. Kindly submit the assignment on time. This assignment will help you in your quiz. 1. Identify the main components of an information system. What is a mission- critical system? Information Systems comprise of hardware, software, data, people and other services to connect a company in terms of communication and information. A mission critical system is a system that if not functioning would critically impact the functionality of the company. 2. What are four types of feasibility? Which type focuses on total cost of ownership? Which type is influenced primarily by users? The four types of…show more content…
An event is like some sort of program or meeting. A milestone is a goal that you achieve. 5. What specific information do you need to create a work breakdown structure? You need to create the project scope; how big the project will be and the deadline, budgeting, etc. You need to breakdown to the goals and milestone into task that would be completed. You need to identify constraints that restrict not just the project as a whole but the tasks themselves. You need to think of how many people should work on one task and if one task is related to another. 6. The computer science instructor at Crescent View High School asked you to visit his class and give a presentation about project management. You have just a few days to prepare, and you need to develop a presentation that describes project management tools and techniques. You can be creative, and you might want to include examples of actual projects that you know about. In any case, try to describe how projects are planned, scheduled, monitored, and reported upon. Your presentation should consist of five to seven slides with notes about what you are going to talk about that include the following:

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