Nt1330 Unit 1 Essay

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Task 1 Outcome 1: 1.1) a. The problem of using the manual system is high cost. And the manual system is not convenient at all for both staff and customers. Staff must record the data of all the things manually on the log book. The number of customers is increasing, so staff must to do more works or the library need to hire more staff. But they still couldn’t solve very well, they still confusing at the problem that someone hold more than 5 books. Manual system usually not able to solve them. The solution of this case study problem is using the database system. So that is easy way to keep track of books, member cards, customer information etc. b. Security The main issue of the data is the security problem. Because log book or laptop…show more content…
You could utilize some security devices to understand them. It 's greatly improved than the tablet. Since portable workstation is anything but difficult to lose. Else you can utilize some extraordinary tech approach to ensure the database. You can give diverse level of information to various level of clients. Sharing It 's truly not comfort at all to share the information through log book or even portable workstation. Be that as it may, for the database each administrator can login to the database through the username and their own secret word. It 's truly something to be thankful for deal with the information. Performance Database execution is the real thing of the database. The extent of database is the imperative indicate impact the execution of database. Risk Utilize the database, you will have no stresses with the spare of the information. Furthermore, even some issue with the database, you can utilize the move down effortlessly. Data admin The database is a better than average approach to deal with your information, however in the event that you don 't believe your database that it can keep put something aside for itself, then you will get significantly less basifies from the database. So do the reinforcements

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