Nt1330 Unit 1

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1. List and explain the top 5 factors that are required, at a bare minimum, to make an application secure. Security architecture, authentication, session management, access control, and input validation are the top five factors that make an application secure. Security architecture: OWASP verification requirements in security architecture verify all the application components and libraries that are present in the application are identified. A high level architecture of an application must be designed. It also verify that the threat modeling information has been provided or not. Authentication: The authentication verification requirements define a set of requirements for generating and handling account credentials safely. Each and every…show more content…
In this modern world the need for designing and developing an application with good secure features is very high. I have also learned what an error exceptional handling is and why is it important in code review. I have also learned that in developing a software product or in the software development life cycle process, a software product must be teste in earlier stages and very frequently. This recalled my knowledge of secure software development life cycle. One must know the importance of secure software development life cycle. I have also learned few PCI DSS guidelines during credit card storage. Various guidelines according to PCI DSS have drawn my attention toward them. I really felt that abiding by these guidelines produces some good results. I have also recalled my knowledge of what black box testing is in the field of software development life cycle. I have also research white box and gray box testing methods. I have also learned that exceptional handling can be performed in three ways and how to locate potentially vulnerable code in JAV and

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