Nt1330 Unit 1 Lab 1 Essay

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1. Goal
The objective of this lab was to create a Windows 2012 Datacenter Virtual Machine. On this virtual device, we were tasked with installing DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory services. This was very similar to lab 2 in that all of the core services had to be installed on this one device as with our RHEL7 server previously. This server then, had to be promoted to be the main server for the network. The RHEL7 server then, became the slave to the Windows 2012 server.
Overall, this was much easier than lab 2 as there were a lot less things to worry about. Although the same services were being installed, everything can easily be done with a couple clicks of the mouse. Also, since Windows bases everything on the Administrator role, you do not have issues with permission for things to run as you do in Linux. SeLinux adds
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Network Monitoring Management
I definitely feel that Linux and Windows machines provide very different sets of traits that work better for different things. Linux is clearly the more easily secured server as it allows a lot more granular control of every piece of the operating system and the data that is housed there. Also, being completely open source, it allows for a lot more options for software as well as control over every aspect of the system.
Windows, on the other hand, has what I feel is a lot more developed approach to managing users, groups, and machines. Active Directory is a lot more user friendly than OpenLDAP as well as a lot more “feature-rich”. Linux is definitely more host-centric where everything is determined by the machine itself that is being used. I like the fact that Active Directory takes a different approach and makes it easy to manage your network based on the machine, but easily apply other rules as well.
Active directory allows for groups to easily migrate from machine to machine if the need is there. Since much of the security is based on the user or the group that the user is in, this free-floating ability
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