Nt1330 Unit 1 Question Paper

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1. Give an example in which the operating system would use a bitmap to manage resource. Answer: Windows, Android like operating systems uses bitmap to manage resources. 2. What is the difference between a stack and a queue? Where would an operating system use each of these data structures? Answer: Stack: It uses FILO method means First in Last out 1. In this it contains sequence of elements and new elements are added at top 2. In this removing elements is also performed from only top. 3. To remove the first inserted element we have to remove all elements from it Queue: It uses FIFO method means First in First Out 1. In this it contains sequence of elements and new elements are added at front end 2. Removing elements is performed…show more content…
What is a system call? Answer: System call is how a program requests a service from an operating system 's kernel that it does not normally have permission to run. System calls provide the interface between a process and the operating system 5. Explain the separation of mechanism and policy in operating systems. Answer: Mechanism is the process defined for doing something, and policy is the set of rules or steps in procedure to define what to be performed. Separation of Mechanism and Policy is very much required for flexibility in performing operations in different conditions. In some conditions policy needs to be changed to perform certain operations in these situations the mechanism for performing these operations need to be changed. But here it doesn’t mean vice versa functionality, means if mechanism changes the respective policy will not be changed. So if separation of mechanism and policy happen then It will be very flexible while performing operations in different conditions 6. Explain the tradeoffs made in choosing between a simple, monolithic operating system approach versus a microkernel approach. Answer: 1. Monolithic Kernel: All Kernel Services From single component means as a

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