Nt1330 Unit 2

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To improve network communications between stores, head offices. Combine all stock databases into a single system on head office server, so staff can view the amount of stock and access most recent up to date data. This would drastically improve the communications between the several stores. To achieve this, all the individual LANS (Local area Network) from the stores must be connected to create a Wide area network, thus this WAN can be accessed through Telecommunications lease lines across the internet. Though for PVMS this type of method is expensive, but will significantly benefit from this change. The strength for the customer is that their queries are resolved more quickly which leads to greater customer satisfaction. A strength for the sales assistants is that they don’t have to make any calls to other…show more content…
By implanting this system, PVMS stock levels will be more accurate this will enable PVMS to order the right amount of stock which will save them money also makes it easier to monitor the business. On the other hand, for staff to check stock on the stock database, they need the internet which sometimes may go down resulting in customers going to other stores therefore, will result in PVMS losing profit. To improve, PVMS should set up a virtual private network which will reduce the amount of people using the internet However, a negative impact on providing access to the PVMS network from the internet can result in a higher risk of unauthorised viruses Therefore; PVMS should upgrade their systems yearly to prevent any malfunctions and important data leaks. A negative impact on PVMS is that they have to employ network managers to prevent any virus accessing the PVMS data In addition, staffs need training to be familiar with the system to operate it effectively which can be

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