Nt1330 Unit 2 Feasibility Study

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1. How we use information we collect: When you visit our site, we keep a record of communication with us. This record helps us to improve any problem you may be facing. Apart from that, we might also use your registered user ID to send information about our latest services and products. We also use our collected information to improve your user experience by improving our services. We utilize our collected information to provide you more refined services. 2. Transparency and choice: Being an individual, everyone has different concerns for privacy. However, our aim is absolutely clear about the kind of information we collect. Our clear aim is enough to make your choice meaningful. We also ensure the transparency for our visitors. You can block all the cookies, associated with us and our service. Even you can block the cookies those are set by us. Thus, it is important to understand that you may not get proper and complete notifications of our services, if all your cookies are not enabled. However, it is suggested to check out properly before…show more content…
Information you share: Sometimes, many of our services will require letting you share details with others as well. Always keep in your mind that while you share all such details publicly, it might be searchable and indexable by others. Our fabulous services offer you with the several options on sharing and deleting the content associated with you. 4. Accessing and updating your personal information: When you visit our site, we always deliver an access to your personal details. If the details are incorrect, we instantly try to provide or suggest you the appropriate methods to update or remove those details rapidly. We provide these suggestions only when the details are not violent or abusing. We might discard the requests those are excessively monotonous, unreasonable, need technical work, have ultimate risks for other users and their privacy. Thus, make sure that your details should not contain any of these

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