Nt1330 Unit 2 Research Paper

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80073b92 is the error code that usually pops up with errors in Windows operating systems if there is Windows registry corruption. The 80073b92 error can show up while installing Windows updates, installing a new operating system and other functions. It will become essential to find an 80073b92 fix to resolve the issues by fixing the Windows registry. Many customers have seen that they are not able to upgrade their Windows 7 running computers to Windows 10 operating systems. On trying to upgrade they get the 80073b92 Windows 10 error code with the message that, Windows Update had encountered some unknown error. There are some who have received the Windows 10 upgrade through Windows Updates on their Windows 8.1 computers. They see that the update process begins and then the computer reaches the 100 percent stage and reboots. But after rebooting while loading files the computer crashes with the 80073b92 Windows 10 error code. Then the computer reboots automatically but…show more content…
On trying to install the Windows 8.1 update file KB2919355, users will get the 80073b92 install error code. Even the installation of applications from the Windows Store can fail with the message that something had happened and the applications could not be installed. This vague message with the 80073b92 install exception code is a result of Windows registry having corrupted entries. If the registry has been infected with malware then users will see that they get the 80073b92 update error code on trying to install Windows updates. They will see that the installation of security updates like KB2160841 for .NET Framework 4 will keep on failing. If the malware is not removed from the Windows registry, users will see that the KB982311 security update for Microsoft Office 2003, KB2264403 for Office Excel 2003 and KB947319 security update for Microsoft Office Web Components will fail with the 80073b92 update exception

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