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To help ensure license availability, an alternative to hosting your FreeFlyer license server on a single server is to configure a set of three servers in a three-server redundant setup. In this configuration, the license server manager is installed on each of the three servers and the servers are issued a combined license file. Each of the license servers is identified as either primary, secondary, or tertiary. Once license server is also designated as the master and is responsible for serving licenses to client systems running FreeFlyer. The servers operate as a triad, and the hosted FreeFlyer seat(s) are available whenever a quorum exists. A quorum is formed when at least two of the three license servers are running and able to communicate with each other. This means that so long as two of the three license servers are up and running the hosted FreeFlyer seat(s) will be available to client systems.…show more content…
When FreeFlyer sends a checkout request for a license, the master responds and then serves the license to the client system. If the master server fails, whether due to hardware failure, loss of network connection, or something else, the secondary license server becomes the master and will then serve licenses to client systems. If both the primary and secondary license servers go down, licenses will no longer be served to FreeFlyer users until at least two of the three license servers are up and running again. More information about the mechanics of three-server redundant systems can be found in the FlexNet License Administration guide referenced at the end of this

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