Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Research Paper

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TELE 5330 – DATA NETWORKING ASSIGNMENT #2 Name: Prashanth Reddy Edunuri Grade (1) Most applications that use peer-to-peer communication also employs client server communication for some portion of functionality as decentralized peer-to-peer networks have numerous compensations over old-fashioned client-server networks. This system endorsed files to be questioned and shared between users, devoid of a central directory, and as a result shielded the network from lawful issues of individual users. By decentralizing resources, P2P networks have been able to virtually exclude expenses allied with a centralized infrastructure. Peers are directly connected to each other for file transfer. Potential processing…show more content…
SSL technically resides in the application layer, from the developer’s outlook it is a transport-layer protocol. FTP-File Transfer Protocol TFTP-Trivial File Transfer Protocol It is used to transfer files from one computer to another over a TCP network. It is used to transfer files between remote machines over a UDP network. It is defined by RFC 959. It is defined by RFC 1350. It uses a client-server architecture. After establishing an FTP connection, the user can download or upload files to and from the FTP server. It is a simple version of FTP, lacking some more advanced features FTP offers. It can be used only to send and receive files. FTP uses two TCP ports. Port 20 for sending data and port 21 for sending control commands. It uses UDP port 69 for communication. FTP can use authentication and all data is sent in clear text. TFTP doesn’t support user authentication and sends all data in clear text. HTTP 1.0 HTTP 1.1 It is defined by RFC 1945. It is defined by RFC 2616. HTTP 1.0 could only define up to 16 status codes which results in poor resolution and has some limitations. HTTP 1.1 came up with 24 status codes that were able to solve the previous limitations. It has a warning header capable of producing many secondary status

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