Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Trace Analysis

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1.) Minecraft Username: TMC_Shadow (AKA) Matthew

2.) Age: 16

3.) Time Zone: Easter Time Zone

4.) Do you have Skype and TeamSpeak (Do not answer with your actual Skype username, just yes or no)?: Yes I have Skype (catchermatt) Yes I have Teamspeak (TMC_Shadow) Yes I have discord (TMC_Shadow#5053)

5.) Do you have a rank? If so, which one?: I have Inferno rank

6.) How many hours can you contribute weekly?: I can contribute like 4 hours a day at school on minechat moderating chat and I can be on 20-60 hours weekly in the actually server moderating.

7.) Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes I have 2 Turtle Beach headphones and I have multiple Earbuds with great mics

8.) Do you have access to a recording software (this is necessary for
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I would like to become staff on the server because I already try to moderate chat even though I am not staff and when a new person joins the server i might donate money, gear, and even my personal blocks to help them get started. If they have any questions about how to start or how to do something or what the enchants are I try to help them every time. I am also friends with most of the staff members and almost all the players. I also enjoy working closely with the staff members in trying to find bugs glitches ETC,. I have donated money to the server and i plan on doing it again in the future. I will not leak any plugins or anything we are working on unless I have an owners permission. I also like to buy 1st and 2nd ranks off the shop and give them to starting players.

11.) What can you personally contribute to the server?: You can ask grevin I am a pretty good builder and i can work with configs too I also enjoy making spawns and things like that. I will also put alot of my blood, sweat, and joy into this

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