Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment

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Hi, as mentioned in previous mails I made a small experimental Puppet resource type which uses the UserMgr REST API. I will post the source later. In general the UserMgr-API made a very good first impression, but the following issues make it hard to use the API for configuration management frameworks, like Puppet. For the following tests I used Solaris 11.3 GA and Solaris 12 build 84 was used. Initially I started with 11.3 BETA and verified again with 11.3 GA. I experienced the following issues: Documentation: ------------- "3rad" man pages are not available online, e.g. not on http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E53394_01/ Method: addUser --------------- 1. "password"-argument In Solaris 11.3 the password argument is not nullable, but it seems this has changed in Solaris 12. Good change. As already mentioned for "modifyUser" it would be nice if the hash-password can be used.…show more content…
"Error invoking method" Bug in 11.3 GA If the following user properties are used, the method fails: ========================================== Debug: REST API Calling PUT: Debug: REST API Calling arguments: { "user": { "username": "testuser1", "userID": 109, "groupID": 10, "description": "TestuserX6", "defaultShell": "/usr/bin/bash", "authProfiles": [ "Software Installation" ], "auths": [ "solaris.*" ], "groups": [ "other",

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