Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 3 Configuration Analysis

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I. Site “Springfield” Device and STP Configurations
Site Details and Challenges (Summary)
This section will implement device hostnames (to correlate with the xACME educational topology labels), provide a sample configuration for the MOTD and login banner, and provide configuration steps for applying device passwords (encrypted) on the console port and VTY.
This section will also review what the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) does, its benefits, and provide a sample configuration for applying STP on the switches. Security methods that can be applied to the devices will be reviewed as well.
Site Solution(s) and Technologies
There are four switches on the Springfield site. A hostname is important because it establishes an identity, and makes it easier to be configured with other devices. Configuring a banner (message of the day (MOTD) and login) is important as well. A login banner is usually used to show legal warnings about access to the router. A MOTD banner is used to show users some type of message and is displayed before to the login banner. We will see how to configure these settings in the configurations below.
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The best mode of STP is rapid-pvst, because of its interoperability with STP and its faster frame forwarding ability. Adding a switch will not be a future problem when working with rapid-pvst. We have to make switch 1 the root (switch 2 is currently the root), and using a root guard command on these switches will prevent outside BPDUs becoming a problem in the process. To save each configuration in the section below, exit configuration mode then type “copy running-config startup-config”, and then press enter to
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