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Great news for PC gamers! Alienware hasn’t got tired yet just by revealing mechanical keyboards, spanning mice, and monitors. It also has announced two new versions of its flagship Area 51 gaming PCs scheduled to arrive later this year. One of them will be equipped with the freshly-baked Ryzen Threadripper processors from AMD, while the other will be outfitted with Intel’s latest Core X-Series CPUs. With customizable models, and a list of components ranging from triple-GPU options to 64GB of DDR4 memory clocked at 2,933MHz, both the PCs look just out of this world.
Area 51 Threadripper edition
This edition comes with two variants (12-core and 16-core) of AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper CPU. Each Threadripper processor will be overclocked. Although there’s no mentioning of numbers regarding speed, Alienware states that this could an ideal PC for “customers who explore the world of mega-tasking.” Bottom-line is, the Area-51 Threadripper Edition is perfect for poering high-end VR experiences, as well as Ultra HD PC gaming with buttery-smooth visuals.
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The entire options for this edition are same as the Threadripper version. However, this Area 51 PC supports Intel’s Optane memory technology as it’s based on the company’s “Kaby Lake -X” platform. Instead of replacing the PC’s system memory, these “cache” serve as a place for the operating system for storing highly-used files usually parked on a hard drive.

The Threadripper model is expected to arrive on July 27th, while the Intel Core X model will arrive at the end of the summer. Alienware didn’t say anything about the starting price for both of the PCs. However, given the specifications and ridiculous level of high-end hardware Alienware has to offer, it should cost you a good amount of

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