Nt1330 Unit 3 Programs

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Getting Started Logging into WorkZone You will access WorkZone at the following URL: https://asu.sharedwork.com 1. A generic WorkZone password will be emailed to you once you’ve been setup as a user in the system. 2. Enter your email address and temporary WorkZone password and select “log in” 3. At the time of your first login, the “Change Password” screen will appear. 4. Enter your old password, then enter your new password twice, then select the “change password” button. 5. Once you’ve changed your password, select the “Remember me” checkbox to save your login credentials. This way you won’t have to type them in each time you access the system. 4 Navigating in WorkZone Navigating through WorkZone is done by selecting the various tabs at…show more content…
Edit a project request 5 4. Comment on a project request 5. Approve or decline a project request 6. Create a project plan from a project request Request a Project To request a new project, follow the steps below: 1. Navigate to the “Project Requests” tab 2. Select the “Request New Project” button. 3. Select the appropriate workspace/client that the project is being requested on behalf of. 4. Select the type of project you are requesting. 5. Once you select the project type, a list of questions will appear specific to the project type that you are requesting. 6. Complete the questions that appear in the request form. 7. If you have items to attach to the project request, select the checkbox at the bottom of the request form, then select the “Submit project request” button. 6 8. If you selected the checkbox to attach files to the project request, the following screen appears and you have several options on how you can attach the files/items: a. Select the “Browse” button and then select the desired file from your computer or network drive, then select the “Upload” button. b. Navigate to the file on your computer and drag/drop the file into the right side of the “Upload Files” screen. c. Select the “Create web link” button to add a web link to the project

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